Social Events & Professional Networking

UVA Clubs host many different kinds of social and professional events around the world. Alumni, parents and students come together to strengthen their relationships, build upon their networks of friends and create new business connections.

Social Events

Social events range from happy hours to game-watching events to wine tastings to hiking excursions to ski outings to nights at the ballet or the opera. The opportunities are limitless.

Clubs often establish a signature event—usually an annual gathering for which a club is known. From the UVA Club of Atlanta’s Bull Roast to the UVA Club of Phoenix’s Spring Garden Party, these events draw in people who may not attend any other club functions throughout the year.

Networking Events

Professional networking events have become increasingly popular. Some clubs hold these events for UVA alumni and parents, while others partner with other alumni organizations in the area in order to broaden the opportunity to make new connections at the event.

Service Events

UVA Clubs extend UVA’s tradition of service beyond Grounds to communities around the world, most notably through the yearly Cavaliers Care Worldwide service initiative. Through Cavaliers Care, UVA alumni, parents and friends organize and participate in community service projects in month of April to celebrate the anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth.

Cavaliers Care service events are by no means limited to April. Many clubs organize events surrounding the holidays, or develop a relationship with a local organization, such as a soup kitchen or a retirement home, with which they work several times throughout the year. By developing good relationships with area organizations, clubs build the reputation of the University in their communities, and many clubs have developed strong partnerships with organizations to which they return year after year.

Admissions Events and Cavaliers Admission Volunteers (CAV)

Cavaliers Admission Volunteers raise the awareness of the University of Virginia in communities around the world. They reach out to prospective students, congratulate accepted students and welcome new students to the UVA family through many different programs.

Looking to get involved? Here are six things you can do right now:

1) Update your physical and email addresses in HoosOnline so you can start or continue receiving communications with opportunities for you locally and here on Grounds.

2) Visit the webpage of the UVA Club nearest you and see what events are coming up. Use the “Find Your Network” tab at top right. Contact your UVA Club president and a Regional Engagement Officer to see how you can help.

3) Use the Social Media icons on the main website and Like the Facebook page, follow on twitter, or join the Linkedin Group maintained by the UVA Club nearest you. Connect with the Office of Engagement & Annual Giving on Facebook and follow @HoosNetwork on twitter.

4) Consider donating in support of your local UVA Club, or give directly to the University.

5) Consider being a digital contributor! There are several ways to get involved, build your network and get noticed in 15 minutes or less. Find out how on the HoosNetwork home page.

6) If you are planning a return to Grounds, please consider attending a Lifetime Learning, Reunion, or another Young Alumni event.