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UVA Club’s upcoming On-Air with UVA Events:

August 13th with Larry Sabato

Preview of the two national party conventions and the outlook for the 2020 election.

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August 26th with Risa Goluboff

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Listen to past episodes of On-Air with UVA

We have had two conversations with Larry Sabato. These conversations were not recorded.

Professor Sabato, Director of the UVA Center for Politics and University Professor of Politics, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, discussed politics and debriefed the 2020 Democratic primary season.


On-Air with Bob Bruner

Bob Bruner is a Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, and Dean Emeritus of the Darden School of Business. Professor Bruner discussed How Financial Crises Differ and their Global Implications.



On-Air with Greg Fairchild

Greg Fairchild is the Isidore Horween Research Associate Professor of Business Administration Associate Dean for Washington, D.C., Area Initiatives and Academic Director of Public Policy and Entrepreneurship at the Darden School of Business. Professor Fairchild discussed Business Resiliency in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


On-Air with Christine Mahoney

Christine Mahoney is a Professor of Public Policy and Politics and Director of Social Entrepreneurship at UVA at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Professor Mahoney discussed Making Your Money Work For You and the World: Social enterprise, impact investing, and the power of investing for good.


On-Air with Phil Bourne

Phil Bourne is the Dean of UVA’s School of Data Science and Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Professor Bourne discussed how data science is being used to address the COVID-19 crisis.



On-Air with Melody Barnes

Melody Barnes is the Dorothy Danforth Compton Professor and a Professor of Practice at the Miller Center, and the Co-Director for Policy & Public Affairs for the Democracy Initiative at the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Professor Barnes discussed “How the Current Crisis has Illuminated Chronic Challenges to Democracy”.


On-Air with Dr. Bill Petri

Dr. William Petris is vice chair for research in the Department of Medicine, Wade Hampton Frost Professor of Medicine, and Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology, and Pathology at the University of Virginia. Dr. Petri discussed UVA Health’s role in combating COVID-19.


On-Air with Jeanne Liedtka

Jeanne Liedtka is the United Technologies Corporation Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean for Degree Programs at the Darden School of Business. Professor Liedtka discussed the role of Design Thinking, and the intersection of strategy, innovation, and growth.


On-Air with Bill Antholis

Bill is the Director and CEO of the Miller Center of Public Affairs. Bill discussed “Trump at a Crossroads: Presidential Power, Policies, and the Public in 2020.”



On-Air with Ken Elzinga

Ken is the Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Ken discussed “Detective Fiction and COVID-19”, along with the mystery authors he has been reading.



On-Air with Ian Solomon

Ian Solomon is the Dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Ian discussed “Leadership of Diverse and Divided Communities.”



On-Air with Karen McGlathery

Karen is a Professor of Environmental Sciences, the Director of UVA’s Environmental Resilience Institute, and the Director of the Virginia Coast Reserve Long Term Ecological Research program. Karen discussed “Natural Solutions to Climate Change“.