Resources: UVA Fund & UVA Clubs Financial Information

The UVA Fund at the University of Virginia supports UVA Clubs by providing financial services to volunteers all over the world.  Your club’s UVA Fund account is easy to use and maintain.

UVA Fund Training Webinar

Update UVA Club Contacts
UVA Fund Account Authorization/Contact Form

Use Funds
Virginia Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (for UVA Clubs with a UVA Fund account)
UVA Fund Electronic Wire Transfer Request Form (Domestic)
International Wire Transfer Request Form
UVA Fund Purchasing Card
UVA Fund Request for Disbursement

Make a Deposit
There are several ways to deposit funds into your UVA Fund account.

Gift in Kind & Donations

Receive gift credit for your donation of goods and services for a UVA Club event
Deed of Gift Form
Deed of Gift Instructions (Gift in Kind)

Make a Donation to your UVA Club
Online: Make a Gift Online
Pay-By-Check: Printable Donation Support Form (PDF)