Congratulatory Calls Resources

UVA alumni and student volunteers make calls to accepted students and share their UVA experience and help answer questions.

Congratulatory calling is completed. Thank you to everyone who made calls to welcome our newly accepted students!

Making Congratulatory Calls

Want to learn how to use the calling system? Need a refresher?

View the Caller Tutorial

Reminder: Do not skip calls in the calling system. When you skip a call, it is marked as complete and the student may not be called again. Please call individuals as they appear on your screen. Each call must have a survey filled out before moving on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?

A: Check your email for an invitation to make congratulatory calls. If you don’t have a message from us and are interested in making calls, please contact

Q: Can I browse the caller list before deciding who to call?

A: No. If you skip past calls in the calling system, they will be marked as complete and the student may not be called. Please do not skip calls. Call the student presented to you and only move on after filling out the call report.

Q: Can I make calls for Regular Decision as well?

A: Yes! We will invite callers to register for Regular Decision typically near the end of March (only after the Office of Admission has made announcements).