Establishing a UVA Club

UVA Clubs are governed by volunteer leaders and supported by Regional Engagement Officers (REOs). Each UVA Club is led by a board that meets quarterly at a minimum to define the vision, develop initiatives and establish programming for the club.

The success of a new UVA Club depends on a nucleus of dedicated individuals working in partnership with your region’s REO.

Is a UVA Club Right for Your Region?

Typically, UVA Clubs require a critical mass of at least 200 alumni and parents of the University within a 100-mile radius of a given center point. The majority of these constituents should either live or work within about a 30-minute drive from this center point.

Therefore, when launching a club, you will begin by asking the following questions:

Does your area have the critical mass required to form a UVA Club?

With your REO, you will review a list of the constituency of alumni, parents and friends in the region based upon data from the University’s central database. If your region lacks the critical mass necessary to launch a UVA Club, you will talk with your REO about other opportunities for ‘Hoos in your area to stay connected, such as the creation of a local Cavaliers Admission Volunteer network.

Will yours be a city or regional club?

With your REO, you will establish the geographic area for the club, using resources from the Office of Engagement, including a map which illustrates the population density of your constituency. This mapping software is currently only available for domestic locations.

How will we invite alumni, parents and friends to be a part of the new UVA Club?

Working with your REO, you will develop and distribute an initial email for distribution to all UVA alumni and parents in your region. This mailing should include:

  • An announcement of the formation of a new club.
  • A call to action for individuals interested in leadership positions.
  • An invitation to an initial UVA Club meeting.

Looking to get involved? Here are six things you can do right now:

  1. Update your physical and email addresses in HoosOnline so you can start or continue receiving communications with opportunities for you locally and here on Grounds. Check out some potential reasons and solutions if you’re not receiving our emails.
  2. Visit the webpage of the UVA Club program to find out about the club nearest you and see what events are coming up. Contact your UVA Club president or a Regional Engagement Officer to see how you can help.
  3. Consider donating in support of your local UVA Club, or give directly to the University.
  4. Share your photos from local UVA Club events.