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Stay tuned! The next UVA Club of San Antonio event is in the works. View recent past events.

Contact us to learn more about volunteering, attending or hosting an event or other ways to engage with local alumni.


The UVA Club of San Antonio was founded to foster the relationships between past, present, and future Cavaliers. Our activities are open to all San Antonio area including:

  • Alumni
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Visitors that feel a connection to UVA

We hope to build a support network through which we can both enjoy good company and reach out to the greater Texas community.



The UVA Club of San Antonio no longer has “members” that pay membership dues. Instead, everyone is a member and the Club’s events will be open to all. For those events for which the Club charges a fee to attend or participate, it will be a single price, rather than one price for non-members and a discounted price for members. Instead of paying a membership fee, the Club will instead be seeking donations from its supporters. This change-over will have one major change – the previous “membership fees” will be replaced by (hopefully) your donations, which will be fully tax-deductible.

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