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UVA Club of Paris

Our club is very active and puts on several events throughout the year with a focus on:

  • Networking
  • Philanthropy
  • Culture
  • UVA admissions
  • Engagement with current and prospective students

We have a lot of fun and would love for you to join the festivities.

Remember to bookmark our page and come back regularly! To keep up-to-date on UVA Club of Paris news, you can also find us on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, or email us at uvaclubofparis@gmail.com.


The UVA Club of Paris does not use a membership-based model for financial support, but instead runs entirely on your generosity. When making a gift, you can chose to donate to the UVA Global Network and support UVA Club activities around the world or earmark your support for the UVA Club of Paris, in which case your donation will be entirely reinvested into the local alumni community.

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How to direct your donation to the UVA Club of Paris

After clicking on the “Donate Now” button above, and specifying the amount of your contribution, select the option “Please direct my donation to the UVA Club(s) of my choice).


After making your selection, a menu will appear on your screen with a listing of all of the UVA Clubs. Scroll down to the bottom and select the “UVA Club of Paris,” as well as any other Club you’d like to support with your donation. You will have the option of specifying the amount of support you would like to direct to each Club.


Thank you for your support!


UVA Global Internship Initiative

UVA is currently in the process of setting up a global internship initiative. The idea is to work with alumni to identify internship opportunities around the world (across a diverse array of industries) and connect them with outstanding UVA students.

The University recently appointed Prof. Majida Bargach to head up this initiative. She will be in Paris January 16th to 19th (Thursday through Sunday) and is hoping to be able to meet with alumni in the area to discuss potential internship opportunities.

If you’d like to help connect UVA students with local internship opportunities, she would be absolutely thrilled to be able to meet with you to provide more information. If you are not available during this timeframe, do not hesitate to inquire directly with her if you’d like to hear more about this initiative. Prof. Bargach can be reached at mb9bg@eservices.virginia.edu.

Volunteer Opportunity with the The Tocqueville Foundation

The Tocqueville Foundation is seeking mentors from the local business community for its “Civil Society Student Challenge”, a programme that pairs groups of university students with organisations to address various strategic or managerial problems. If you are interested in mentoring or would like to know more, please contact Brenna Lundstrom (UVA CLAS ’06) at brennalundstrom@gmail.com.

Is there a local event or volunteer opportunity you’d like to share with the local UVA community? Please send your announcement to hoosinparis@gmail.com and we would be happy to run it on the website, as well as the Club’s Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages.

Please note that the Club reserves the right to refuse the publication of announcements that are deemed inappropriate.  

Meggie Lam Chopade

For more information, please contact Meggie Lam Chopade, Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement, at meggie@virginia.edu or 540-470-815.