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UVA Club of Orange County

Welcome to the UVA Club of Orange County.  We have an unstructured club organization and are always looking for people to get involved.  We typically have a few events a year, so watch for e-blasts about upcoming events.  There are nearly 800 UVA alums, friends, and family in our footprint and attending events is a good way to meet fellow Hoos of all ages!


The UVA Club of Orange County no longer has “members” that pay membership dues. Instead, everyone is a member and the Club’s events will be open to all. For those events for which the Club charges a fee to attend or participate, it will be a single price, rather than one price for non-members and a discounted price for members. Instead of paying a membership fee, the Club will instead be seeking donations from its supporters. This change-over will have one major change – the previous “membership fees” will be replaced by (hopefully) your donations, which will be fully tax-deductible.

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Meggie Lam Chopade

For more information, please contact Meggie Lam Chopade, Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement, at meggie@virginia.edu or 540-470-815.