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We are a very active part of the UVA Global Network and put on several events throughout the year with a focus on:

  • Networking
  • Philanthropy
  • Culture
  • UVA admissions
  • Engagement with current and prospective students

Get involved! The best way to begin is to contact a member of our leadership committee and describe your interests. Remember to bookmark our page and come back regularly!


The UVA Club of Japan no longer has “members” that pay membership dues. Instead, everyone is a member and the Club’s events will be open to all. For those events for which the Club charges a fee to attend or participate, it will be a single price, rather than one price for non-members and a discounted price for members. Instead of paying a membership fee, the Club will instead be seeking donations from its supporters. This change-over will have one major change – the previous “membership fees” will be replaced by (hopefully) your donations, which will be fully tax-deductible.

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Greetings from UVA

A Labor of Love: The Tale of a Bilingual Brochure

This bilingual brochure replaces the UVA Japanese language version modeled after the 1990 Admission Office brochure, famous for the front page photograph of gorgeous kôyô on the Lawn. It was a joint effort by Michiko Wilson, a faculty member in the former Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, Dean Raymond Nelson of the Office of Arts & Sciences and then-Vice President of Nissan USA, Yasuhiko Suzuki, who graciously translated the original English text into Japanese. His son, Iori, graduated from UVA.  Mr. Suzuki also took care of finding a Japanese printer-designer in Washington D.C. for the Japanese version.

The idea of a new version was conceived in August of 2012 after the UVA CLUB of Japan in May that year hosted Darci Spuck from the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement.  Ms. Wilson, now a professor of Japanese in the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures (DEAL-LC), began the task of creating a new brochure, taking into consideration the idea of a bilingual version, strongly endorsed by Yasuhiro Oshimo, a member of UVA CLUB of Japan. The current version took its final form in the fall of 2013 with the help of two lecturers, Mieko Kawai (designer) and Tomomi Sato, both of whom assisted in editing the Japanese translation, and Mr. Oshimo who kindly went over the draft during the final editing process and provided a list of Japanese high schools with e-mail addresses. With a brief history of what is also referred to as Thomas Jefferson’s University, the new brochure features the reflections of three Japanese undergraduates who have selected the University for their study abroad.

Out of a first attempt to reach out to Japanese high schools—by e-mail—came an invitation by Kaisei Academy to send a representative to their College Fair this coming summer.  Erin Patrick, who is pursuing a double major in Japanese and Foreign Affairs, and will be doing study abroad at Waseda University this spring, has agreed to attend the Fair.

The following people have also contributed to the brochure project: Joshua Stone (a Japanese major) who has searched for addresses of Japanese high schools from the Internet; Elizabeth Muse, Petra Jauregui, and Mike Bowels at the Office of Engagement for making color print copies; Dean Greg Roberts at the Admission Office for the mailing of the brochure.

It is our earnest hope that this brochure highlighting Thomas Jefferson’s University will spark something of a Heisei bunmei kaika among the young generation, a new generation that could revitalize Japan to compete in the international arena.

Meggie Lam Chopade

For more information, please contact Meggie Lam Chopade, Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement, at meggie@virginia.edu or 540-470-815.