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UVA Club of Greater Orlando

The UVA Club of Greater Orlando is an all-volunteer organization. It runs on and is as good as your support and involvement. Some volunteer. Some participate.  Some donate.

The Club is open to all  area UVA alumni, students, friends and parents. Our club website is also an easy and safe way to make a secure, online tax-deductible contribution to the club through the University.  Suggested contributions are only $15 for young alumni (up to 5 years out); $40 for individuals; $50 for couples.

We have a great time in everything we do: 

  • EMAIL UPDATES: Get our regular email updates on UVA happenings in Orlando. Find out what is going on.
  • JEFFERSON UNCORKED: Join us! Founded here in Orlando by our own Beppy Owen, this is great fun every time and always new.  This is a real DO NOT MISS event.
  • SPEAKER SERIES: Come enjoy a UVA professor talk about important issues of the day.
  • HOOS NEWS FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE: Stay apprised of major news from the University and developments
  • ADMISSIONS EVENTS: Keep up with the latest in Admissions and enjoy the opportunity to promote UVA to Orlando area students
  • ACCEPTED STUDENTS PARTY: Come to our April acceptance party for all the seniors who were accepted.
  • SUMMER SEND-OFF PARTY: Join us in sending our First Year’s off with all the tricks for a great UVA year.
  • BE ON OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Serve on UVAGO Board of Directors (except current UVA students)
  • VOLUNTEER WITH US: Join us or ask us to join you in your volunteer event.
  • FACEBOOK: Like our page UVA Club of Greater Orlando
  • TWITTER: Follow us @floridacavalier
  • TAX DEDUCTIBLE:  Reduce your taxes. Donating is tax deductible

Go Hoos!


As we begin another great year in Central Florida, I wanted to make you aware of some changes being made within the UVA Club of Greater Orlando. Specifically, we are moving away from a strict membership model and toward a more open, more inclusive structure.

Specifically, as of March 1, the UVA Club of Greater Orlando no longer has “members” that pay membership dues. Instead, everyone is a member and the Club’s events will be open to all. For those events for which the Club charges a fee to attend or participate, it will be a single price, rather than one price for non-members and a discounted price for members. Instead of paying a membership fee, the Club will instead be seeking donations from its supporters, which will be fully tax-deductible.

We hope to see all of you in the months to come. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any thoughts, questions, or concerns.

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Missy Casscells-Hamby

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Josh Stuart (CLAS ’18)

For more information, please contact Josh Stuart (CLAS ’18), Assistant Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement, at jcs2wv@virginia.edu or 434-422-1358.