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UVA Club of Fairfield/Westchester

Through a network of alumni, parents, friends and local community organizations, the UVA Club of Fairfield/Westchester seeks to provide lifelong development and support for the University and our communities by:

  • Engagement of alumni and parents with a common interest in the University
  • Supporting incoming students
  • Community service and outreach
  • Promote the University and its strong spirit and our camaraderie

Our functions are self-funded. Any additional funds raised go to the Melissa Holland Scholarship.

Our club is very active and puts on several events throughout the year with a focus on networking, philanthropy, culture, UVA admissions and engagement with current and prospective students.  We have a lot of fun and would love for you to join the festivities. We welcome all alumni, parents and friends of the University of Virginia!


All UVA alumni, parents and students that live in Westchester or Faifield County are automatically members of the Club. There are no dues.

We are a tax-deductible, donation-based organization made up of alumni, parents and friends interested in connecting with each other, their local community and the University of Virginia. As a member, you can participate in all UVA Club activities and meet people in the area with whom you share a bond – an appreciation for UVA.  Below are some of the activities we perform throughout the year:


The UVA Club of Fairfield/Westchester volunteers work on behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Admission to engage prospective students at college fairs, congratulate each and every accepted student and welcome admitted students and their families to UVA at the Student Send-off event each summer. We also work with local high schools to recognize outstanding juniors with a Jefferson Book Award each May.


Wahoos come together to watch games and to cheer on our student athletes.  Win or lose, these social events are always enjoyable to watch with fellow Hoos!

Lifetime Learning

Your UVA Club hosts lectures with UVA faculty, coaches and alumni speakers from our own community.


This past November, we hosted our first annual Holiday party with over 70 alumni, parents and students attending.  This spring we plan to have an outdoor event plus others throughout the year.

Volunteer Service

In honor of the University’s tradition of community service, this spring we will perform volunteer service  for  local organizations as part of the Cavaliers Care program.  All club members are welcome to join us!

As the President of the UVA Club of Fairfield/Westchester, I invite you to come to upcoming events, become an admissions volunteer and make a donation in support of our local activities. Your gift strengthens the University of Virginia’s mission right here in our area. Thank you for your support in 2017!

Ron Japha (CLAS ’76)

President, UVA Club of Fairfield/Westchester

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Melissa Holland Scholarship

Melissa D. Holland was born in Fairfield County in 1960 where she was raised with four brothers.

She attended Greenwich Academy and was a youth leader at church and with a number of Greenwich service organizations.   Melissa graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences in 1982 with a degree in English languages and literature. She was a member of the Tri Delta sorority and remained an active volunteer while at the University. This included participation as an outstanding member of the Resident Staff Program for two years. Melissa’s sensitivity and concern for others made her an exemplary Resident Assistant.

Through her kindness and actions, she reminded others of the overarching importance of caring for others and the necessity of doing now what one considers most important.

The Melissa D. Holland Scholarship was established by the Holland Family as a memorial after Melissa died in an aircraft crash shortly after graduation. The Scholarship is intended to recognize and assist an incoming first year student and a current student from Fairfield or Westchester County who have demonstrated compassion, conscientiousness, and commitment similar to that of Melissa. The ideal candidate already lives by Melissa’s motto—What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for others?

Volunteer opportunities

Anyone is welcome to attend a club board meeting. Joining the board is also an option.

The club has an immediate need for volunteers who can spare a little time for the following roles:

Publicist–We would like to publicize the recipient of the Melissa Holland Scholarship, Jefferson Book Award winners, and club events that are open to the public. Anyone experienced with local media would be a huge help to the club.

Cavalier Admission Volunteers–Do you have a relationship with a local high school? Most CAVs  are responsible for a single school. Cavalier Admission Volunteers serve as a point of contact between the high school and the club. This is primarily for the purpose of granting a Jefferson Book Award to a deserving junior. The total time commitment per year is less than four hours. This is a great way to be an engaged alumnus and to thrill a student at the school.

Social media manager–We would like to round out our social media presence. Would you like to build the platform?

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send an email to hoos@uvaclub.org.

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Robin Stafford (PAR ’17)

For more information, please contact Robin Stafford (PAR ’17), Associate Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement, at ras5s@virginia.edu or 434-234-7668.