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UVA Entertainment Club of Los Angeles: March Speaker Series with Filmmakers and Activists Kevin Wu (CLAS ’06) and Elisa Franzinetti (CLAS ’15)

On Wednesday, March 24th, alumni, parents, and friends joined us to hear from Filmmakers and Activists Kevin Wu (CLAS ’06) and Elisa Franzinetti (CLAS ’15). Kevin is a #FreeBritney activist featured in the recent Hulu/New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears” and Elisa is a freelance Producer who is considering developing a project about the #FreeBritney Movement.

Kevin Wu (CLAS ’06) is an activist in the #FreeBritney movement to end the conservatorship of Britney Spears and advocate probate court reform. He is featured in the Hulu documentary The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears and runs @freebritneyla on social media. Kevin also contributes to the fights for racial and housing equality. Outside of activism work, Kevin is a writer-director whose latest short film JA-9 premiered at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. He won the Outfest Fusion One Minute Film Competition in 2015 with his short, Genius. Kevin studied film under the tutelage of Professor Kevin Jerome Everson at UVA and with Matthew Harrison at UCLA Extension.

Elisa Franzinetti (CLAS ’15) is a London based Freelance Assistant Producer that has been working in television production since 2016. She initially intended to work in scripted, but stumbled into factual and documentary through one of her first TV jobs as a subtitler on Portuguese language productions. After a short lived attempt at a “normal” consulting job with a private investigations company in 2017, Elisa ultimately decided that TV was the place for her. Though her main focus is retrospective documentary, Elisa has worked on a variety of formats including undercover reporting, a talent show, and even a reality dating show. Elisa’s progression has not been traditional, but what she loves about this industry is that it is flexible and allows anyone to grow and explore different areas of production in the early stages of one’s career. Through the years, Elisa has moved up the ranks from Translator to Assistant Producer. She maintains a network of London production companies she works with regularly, including Twenty Twenty (Warner Bros group), Pulse Films, and Raw. Elisa’s credits include top UK broadcasters ITV and Channel 4, Netflix, and most recently CNN’s “Searching for Italy” with Stanley Tucci.