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UVA Club of Washington, DC: An Evening with Shilpa Davé

On Tuesday, November 17th, alumni, parents, and friends joined us for an evening with Shilpa Davé, Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Shilpa discussed “Asians in Action – Media Narratives and Representations in the 21st Century”.

Asian Americans have been the subject of popular culture for years, including 21st-century viral trends ranging from K-pop to Crazy Rich Asians and Bollywood crossovers to political figures such as Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang running for president. What unites Asian Americans? As a disparate group of nationalities, ethnicities, and religions, Asian Americans have attracted media representations as a mobilizing force. Shilpa Davé explored how Asian Americans intersect and shape broader historical, political, and cultural contexts around issues related to social justice and COVID-19 as well as celebrity culture, immigration and labor, citizenship and nationalism, and global migration. She focused on Asian Americans producing and writing their own stories in both independent and mainstream media platforms.

Sponsored by the UVA Club of Washington, DC and AAPAAN.