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UVA Club of Washington, DC: Wellness with Tamara Dottin (ENGR ’09)

On Wednesday, September 30th, alumni, parents, and friends joined the UVA Club of Washington, DC for an evening with Tamara Dottin (ENG ’09), founder of wellness-tech platform Huemon and formerly a Senior Software Engineer at OpenTable.

“A mind set in its own ways is wasted”: Leveraging technology for deeper levels of introspection and empathy in a fractured world

We learned about how Tamara, a software engineer, turned her skillset towards building an easy-to-access therapeutic outlet to help people combat loneliness and grow self-love. As a Black woman in tech, Tamara tapped into her own multidimensionality to create a space where people can unpack their unique personal experiences, and share in a way that different perspectives grow from open and honest connection. Tamar’s goal for Huemon is to foster a cultural shift in how we see and express vulnerability, self-reflection, and empathy.