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UVA in the UAE: 2018 Virginia Suhour

  • Mahonned Shaheen (Virginia Tech), Mohammed Al Nakhi (Virginia Tech), Aubrilyn Reeder (UVA CLAS '99)
  • Caitlin Krueger (Radford), her husband Daryl Krueger, Charles Laubach (UVA Parent '18), Frank Laubach (UVA ENGR '18)
  • Sarry Chung (UVA COM '11), David Bagby (UVA CLAS '09), Hisham Nafie (Virginia Tech)
  • Frances Ames (William & Mary), her husband Chad Quisenberry, Julie Perkins (ODU / Norfolk State University / Hapton), Lisa Dornan (UVA)

For the last 3 years, we have come together with others in the UAE who spent their college years, or some part of it, in Virginia. This year, we had a whopping 25 people from 10 different Virginia schools (one triple threat)!

10 University of Virginia
6 Virginia Tech
4 UVA Darden School of Business
1 Hampton / ODU / Norfolk State University
1 Radford University
1 William & Mary University
1 University of Alabama
1 (A University in Australia)

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