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UVA Club of Pittsburgh: UVA vs Pittsburgh Tailgate, Bicentennial Celebration, Cav Daily Reunion

  • Trina Tippett (CLAS '16, ED '17) and Amber Hamilton (CLAS '13)
  • Craig Littlepage
  • Cav Man and Nancy Glynn (ED '93, PAR '17)
  • The cheerleaders and Cav Man fire up the crowd!
  • Brian Osbourne (CLAS '04) AND Cav Man

The UVA Club of Pittsburgh hosted alumni, parents, friends and Wahoo fans before the UVA vs Pittsburgh game on October 28th. We had a great time with over 125 friends. We enjoyed great food, outstanding company, the location was superb (river front property) and the remarks from Craig, and visit from Cav Man and the cheerleaders were icing on the cake! We had a mix of young alumni, out of town and local alum, first year parents, and football families. Everyone had a great time!

Special thanks to Darlene Wood (CLAS ’76), our Cav Daily Alumni staff photographer for the day, who took some of the pictures. Thanks Darlene for capturing the wonderful event!

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