Pavilion V on the UVA Lawn
UVA Clubs

UVA Club of Michigan: Bicentennial Celebration

  • Beth Miller of Big Rapids and Rick Dortch (CLAS '02) of Portland visit at our event.
  • Flanked by Sharon Byrd (left) and Rob Hilliard (CLAS '74) (right), the Moores - Steve (ENGR '15) (left), brother David (ENGR '12) (center) and David's wife, Chelsea (ED '12, CLAS '12) (right) - engage in conversation, with UVA bicentennial banner in background.
  • Discussing the bicentennial kickoff event during hors d'oevres.
  • Michigan-based Hoos celebrate the Bicentennial kickoff. Left to right are Beth Miller, Rick Dortch (CLAS '02), Kim Buckey, Rob Hilliard (CLAS '74), David Moore (ENGR '12), Chelsea Moore (ED '12, CLAS '12), Steve Moore (ENGR '15), Sharon Byrd and Randy Byrd (DAR '84). Front and center are Jennifer Morrow and Jeffrey Hilliard.
  • From left, the Byrds (Randy and Sharon) and the Moores (Steve, Chelsea and David), with UVA Club of Michigan President Rob Hilliard in back.

The UVA Club of Michigan joined together to celebrate UVA’s 200th birthday at Zazios! We enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, a sit-down dinner, highlights from the Lawn festivities and Wahoo fun! We also collected 2 boxes of donations for the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

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