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UVA in Shanghai: Chinese language program

Dudley Doane (Director of International Studies Office) along with Len Schoppa (Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and Professor of Politics) and Hsin-hsin Liang (Associate Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures & Cultures at UVA), traveled to Shanghai with a group of 26 students studying Mandarin. The UVA Club of China – Shanghai held a reception event at Fudan University to welcome them. This gave the UVA students a wonderful opportunity to practice their Mandarin!

“It was a pleasure to host the students and faculty of the 2017 UVA in Shanghai: Chinese Language program after their first day of classes. There’s nothing quite like being among highly motivated language learners and instructors. They will be exhausted by the end of the program, but the students will have mastered two semesters of Chinese in eight weeks – 好工作! (Hoo gōngzuò!),” noted Dr. Doane.

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