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Almost directly across from the Rotunda, just off of University Avenue, is where you can find Rugby Road. Along the pavement that stretches from one end of The Corner to the 250 bypass, you will find many of U.Va.’s fraternity and sorority houses, Madison House, the School of Architecture, Beta Bridge, the President’s House and Carr’s Hill. Though the landmarks on Rugby Road aren’t a secret to any U.Va. alum, what some may not know is that as the enrollment at U.Va. grew to the point where the Academical Village could no longer accommodate everyone, Sidney Carr’s boardinghouse helped absorb the additional students starting in the mid-1840s.


Today, Mr. Jefferson’s University continues to grow and U.Va. believes that each admitted student should be able to learn at this great institution, regardless of economic circumstances. Just as students benefited from more housing two centuries ago, you can be an altruist for future generations by supporting need-based scholarships. Your gift will allow the best and brightest to attend U.Va., guaranteeing 100 percent of the demonstrated need of students admitted to the University. Do good, feel good and leave a lasting impact on students and the University of Virginia.

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