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From Civics Class to Citizenship: How Education Can Mobilize the Next Generation

SahtiyawebSahtiya Hosoda Hammell is a second-year doctoral student in the Social Foundations program at the University of Virginia. Her undergraduate degree is in English from Princeton, where she focused on issues of normativity and post-colonialism. She spent 8 years working in education in Washington D.C, where she taught in DC Public Schools, at the University of the District of Columbia,  and directed out-of-school time programming.

Sahtiya is the Robert Lynn Canady Fellow at the Curry Foundation, and currently serving as the Publications Co-Chair for the New Scholars Committee of the Comparative and International Education Society. She is currently the Associate Editor-in-Chief for Cypher: Journal for the Social Foundations, Art and Culture and the Communications Liaison for Students of Education Engaged in Diversity Scholarship (SEEDS) for Change.

Her current projects analyze the impact of citizenship education and institutional efforts to promote diversity in academia. Sahtiya’s research interests include sociology of education, social justice pedagogy, and critical policy studies.


Sahtiya studies the purposes of education in our society, and how education is used to create social harmony (Dewey, 2006; Durkeim, 2006).  Using this case study, Sahtiya examines the impacts of a dramatically different social studies classroom that reimagines citizenship using critical civic engagement.  In direct opposition to the transference or “banking model” of education “in which students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor” (Freire, 1970, p.72), this class challenges what types of knowledge are important and helps students engage more actively in their community. Sahtiya will explain the “generative themes” (Shor, 1992) behind the creation of this course’s curriculum and show viewers how the theories have played out over the 2013-2014 school year.

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