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Creative Connections: Jessica Meehan (CLAS ’06), Warner Music Group Nashville

In this edition of #HoosNetwork Creative Connections, Jessica Meehan (CLAS ’06) appears in the hot-seat to discuss her work in the music industry. Jessica specializes in interactive media, social media, consumer/customer engagement, music industry digital marketing, and direct to fan digital marketing.

Questions for Jessica:
1) How did you get into marketing within the music industry?
2) What your job like? You work with both performers and their teams right? HoosNetworkSquareLogo
3) What’s the craziest interaction you’ve had with an artist or someone on the artists team?
4) How does living in Nashville get you connected within the music industry?
5) If a current student or young alum wanted to have a job like yours in the music industry, what should they do? What connections should he or she make?
6) What’s your favorite part about living in Nashville?

Creative Connections are short interviews with interesting U.Va. alumni and parents living and working around the world. Find out more about what they love most about U.Va., their work, and living in their part of the world. Interested in filming a Creative Connection? Contact @RyanCatherwood(

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