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Master Your Online Presence with Alex Katzen (CLAS ’12)

Alex Katzen (CLAS ’12)

Imagine if your future employers could see everything that you bring to the table. Okay, maybe not everything (thank you college), but all of the positive, constructive things you do on a daily basis; all of the news articles you read, the contacts you have, and any random interests. A resume is great and all, but for millennials, we need to showcase our talents in a whole new way.

Creating a presence online brings you so many opportunities. If I’m looking for a freelance writer or a coder in the area to work with, I turn to Google. Optimizing your presence online is like showing up to a career fair, ready to greet each booth.

I often see my friends posting and debating interesting articles on Facebook. This is awesome, but most of us have our Facebook profiles set to private, so all of that intelligent conversing is gated. I’m not saying we need to unlock our Facebook profiles to the world, but rather expand our reach.

If you like reading about mobile apps, show it off. Tweet articles, share your thoughts on LinkedIn, write a comment on the article using your Facebook profile–put your thoughts out there for someone to potentially see. Get double the reward for ordinary tasks. I try to do this for every article I read. You never know who might see it. In a time where jobs are scarce and talent is high, take advantage of every opportunity to gain leverage in landing a job or connecting with a potential business partner.

Forbes CMO Network Excursion: Forum on Social Media (Dell)

Social media is powerful. Google yourself and take a look at the results. There are many ways to optimize your name so you can show your value to the world.

Create profiles on sites like About.me, Quora, and Google+. Make sure to link all of your social media profiles to one another by providing links to each one. You can even have a picture show up for your Google+ profile in search results. Looks pretty legit, right?

Certain websites rank higher than others. Fresh content is a big factor in what you see in search. I’m a big fan of Twitter because it’s easy to use and tends to rank pretty high in Google search results.

Okay, so I know a lot of people using Twitter and other social media sites don’t exactly want to advertise their posts to the whole world. I advise against having a profile with inappropriate shares, unless of course, you truly don’t mind it showing up on the front page of the New York Times or being visible to a potential employer. Just remember, everything online is forever archived.

Utilize your social media accounts to improve your online reputation. Time is limited so sharing positive information about you helps get a conversation moving.

Why not start with a blog? It can be your hub. Blogging is a great way to develop a voice. Blogging has helped me find clarity in my words. Not to mention, blogging opens the door to cool product reviews, networking, and learning for entertainment.

Even if you have your dream job, there’s always something more to strive for.

What do you want to showcase about yourself on Google?


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