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Registration for UVaExpress will open on April 1, 2014.

As you prepare to come to U.Va. in August, we want to make sure you know about UVaExpress, a program for first-year and transfer students living outside of the United States.

UVaExpress is a free, one-way bus transportation and hospitality program from Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC and Charlottesville Airport to the University of Virginia on Monday, August 18th and Tuesday, August 19th only.

The UVaExpress program operates for two days as a one-way service in August. Once you have arrived in Charlottesville, parents and students utilizing this service are responsible for all transportation within Charlottesville and back to the airports.

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We strongly encourage you to fly into one of the the two following airports: Washington Dulles International Airport (booking code IAD) or Charlottesville Airport (booking code CHO). Flights to Charlottesville are more expensive, and the schedule is limited because it is a very small airport; however, this airport is a short 30 minute drive from the University. Many international students choose to fly to Dulles Airport, a large airport outside of Washington, DC, 2 hours from the University by bus.

All first-year, transfer students and family members riding UVaExpress on August 18th or 19th will be greeted at the above airports by University of Virginia staff or volunteers who will coordinate bus departures.

All students riding UVaExpress will be brought to the UVaExpress Hospitality Center at Wilsdorf Hall on Grounds. From the hospitality center, staff and volunteers will help you obtain your student ID and move you into your residence hall. Shopping Shuttles and organized trips to the Corner and Newcomb Hall will be coordinated from Wilsdorf Hall on Monday, August 18th and Tuesday, August 19th.

All students riding UVaExpress will be brought to a location on Grounds and assisted in bringing their luggage to their residence hall.

UVaExpress allows the University to welcome our international students in style from over 60 countries since 2007!



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Remember you must sign up for Orientation with the Student Orientation office. All new students are asked to attend Summer Orientation, a two-day introduction to academics, student life and the resources available to you at the University. Students who live outside of the U.S. are encouraged to attend Session H on Wednesday, August 20th.

If you are interested in volunteering for UVaExpress please email uvaexpress@virginia.edu.


Orientation, International Studies Office, Housing

: Phone (434) 982-3200, Fax: (434) 924-3587, Email (undergradadmission@virginia.edu)
Customs and Immigration: Richard Tanson, tanson@virginia.edu

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