Creative Connections: Jeff Jenkins (CLAS ’99), Resident Disruptor at Taco Bell

In this Creative Connections interview, host Ryan Catherwood chats with Taco Bell’s “Resident Disruptor” Jeff Jenkins (CLAS ’99). Learn about why Jeff is passionate about building things, his amazing experience working for KFC Cricket Sponsorship in Australia and why he’s so passionate about U.Va.

Questions for Jeff:

1) The title on your business card is “Resident Disruptor.” As a digital and mobile marketing pro first for Viacom, NASA and now Taco Bell, what does that mean in terms of the work you do on a daily basis? HoosNetworkNewSquare

2) What do you love most about your job and if a young alum wanted to have a job like yours, what should they do?

3) Your work experience with YUM! Brands took you to Australia and a program to revitalize KFC’s Cricket sponsorship, what was that experience like?

4) Can you trace the origins of your professional passion back to U.Va., your MBA at UCLA, or both?

5) You are one of the many folks who have given in support of U.Va. in the past. We are hugely appreciative of your support. When you think about U.Va. what are you most passionate about?

Creative Connections are short interviews with interesting U.Va. alumni and parents living and working around the world. Find out more about what they love most about U.Va., their work, and living in their part of the world.

Jeff Jenkins

About Jeff

Jeff Jenkins (CLAS '99) is an innovative & digitally minded brand marketing executive with international experience, an entrepreneurial mindset, mobile marketing savvy and over 10+ years of working with the key young adult demographic. More posts by Jeff

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