UVA Clubs Bicentennial Celebrations

UVA Clubs Bicentennial Celebrations
Friday, October 6 2017

This October, UVA Clubs is bringing Grounds to cities across the globe in celebration of the University of Virginia’s first 200 years – and you are invited! You will join other alumni, parents and friends at a special celebration near you to honor this milestone. Stay tuned for more details and event listings beginning July 2017.


What is the Bicentennial?

The University of Virginia’s Bicentennial Commemoration is a celebration of UVA’s achievements, a recognition of the imperfections of its past, and a visualization of its future. The story began 200 years ago with the creation of a new model for higher learning, one shaped by the belief that only educated citizen-leaders would be capable of sustaining freedom in a new republic. From Thomas Jefferson’s original conception of the Academical Village, the story continued through the years, as UVA evolved from a regional institution of limited renown to one of the great national and global universities of the 21st century. At the University of Virginia today, we continue to pursue the goal that has inspired our community since its inception — forging the leaders of tomorrow through the sharing of knowledge and the candid exchange of ideas.

Planning to host a local event for your UVA Club? Let us know!